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Scarborough Youth Lacrosse


Frequently Asked Questions


For insurance purposes, SYL requires membership in U.S. Lacrosse. During the registration process you can obtain or renew your child's US Lacrosse membership. Membership must be valid through the duration of the 2022 season

Your U.S.Lacrosse Membership also gives you access to tons of information about the sport on their website and you will receive a monthly copy of Lacrosse Magazine.


K-2nd grade  practices on Wednesdays and have intra-team games on Saturdays. Focus is having fun will learn lacrosse skills.

NEW FOR 2023 2nd Grade Boys and Girls Equipment Games.  Designed for 2nd grade players with more experience. Practices on Wednesday and Sunday games.  We anticiapte 3 Sundays of games in a 6 week schedule.

3rd-6th grade  practices 2 days a week with games on Saturdays or Sundays.  Games are in Scarborough or require travel to local/regional towns.  Coaches will set their practice days of the week as soon as possible and notify all parents.

The Boys Middle School teams  (7th - 8th grades)  practice up to 4 days a week, with games Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.  Games are in Scarborough or require travel to local/regional towns.

The Girls Middle School teams (7th & 8th Grades)   practice up to 1- 2 days a week with games Friday, Saturday and or Sunday.  Games are in Scarborough ir require travel to local/regional towns.


Required Equipment:

No Equipment is needed for Grades K through 2.  Equipment is loaned by SYL to the players and must be returned in good shape at the end of the season.  

The use of goalie chest protectors that meet the NOCSAE performance standard, ND200, is now mandatory in the USA Lacrosse boys’ and girls’ youth rules, the NFHS boys’ and girls’ high school rules, and the NCAA men’s and women’s rules. Beginning in 2022, boys’ and men's field players must also wear chest protection that meets the ND200 standard. See USA Lacrosse for details  Equipment | USA Lacrosse

Players grades 3 through 8 must provide their own equipment as follows


* Approved lacrosse helmet
* Official sized lacrosse stick
* Gloves
* Arm pads
* Shoulder pads
* Mouthguard
* Athletic supporter with cup


* Protective eye wear/goggles
* Mouthguard
* Official sized lacrosse stick

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