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Scarborough Youth Lacrosse

About our Program


Offering lacrosse to K-8th grade boys and girls every winter and spring  

Scarborough Youth Lacrosse is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization that exists to offer positive athletic experiences to Scarborough boys and girls in grades K-8.  Our focus is on teaching sound lacrosse fundamentals, techniques, and skill development.  Our goals are to:

  • provide opportunities for young athletes interested in playing lacrosse
  • to expand the sport of lacrosse in Maine
  • and above all, to provide the youth of Scarborough with a vehicle for learning the joys and values of hard work, fair play, and team dynamics through athletics

The program teaches the basic skills of lacrosse and provides game-play situations.  If you're ready to move, run, and work together in a close team environment then Scarborough Youth Lacrosse Club is for you! 


SYL Philosophy and Rules

Scarborough Youth Lacrosse believes in the development of all players, regardless of size, athletic ability or skill level. Safety, a positive team experience, and kids having a great time exercising are our top priorities.  We are not coaching for wins.  

For that reason:

  • All SYL teams are created to be even weighted.  
  • Playing time is equal through sixth grade.  Players will be substituted through different positions to gain exposure to various experiences.
  • Attendance is important to ensure playing time.  Players not attending practices will be limited in their playing time and the positions they are allowed to play.  We ask that you inform coaches when your player will not be able to attend practices or games.
  • Behavioral, safety,  and/or disrespect issues to coaches, officials, or teammates WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  We have a 3 step process for addressing these issues:
  1. 1st offense: Coach will speak with the player and explain the issue. Player sits out the remainder of practice/ game.
  2. 2nd offense: Coach will speak with the player and explain the issue. Player sits out the remainder of practice/ game. Coach will discuss with the parents of the player.

  3. 3rd offense: Player will be removed from the team and Scarborough Youth Lacrosse Club.  
  • We will not move players up to different levels because of talent level.  Players will play with their grade based teams.  If you feel your child's talent is advanced for his/her grade there are plenty of off-season opportunities available.
  • We encourage all children to play multiple sports when not in lacrosse season.  Our strong belief (and that of all lacrosse high school and college coaches) is that specialization at these young ages is detrimental to the young athlete. 



Long before lacrosse was played by today's athletes, the local Native American Abenaki tribe played lacrosse in “OWASCOAG, the land of tall grass” which is the area we now call Scarborough.

The Abenaki's word NICHEMIS translates as "Little Brother", "Little Sister" or "Younger  than I"

NICHEMIS is embraced as a tribute to the “Creators Game” and to the history of the game of lacrosse.

We teach the NICHEMIS philosophy to all our players expecting that they will learn they have an opportunity and responsibility to give back their knowledge, enthusiasm, and lessons learned from the game to younger players.

The spirit of NICHEMIS:

  • giving time and effort selflessly to others
  • giving back to the community and the game of lacrosse
  • being role models and mentors to younger players

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For insurance purposes, SYL requires membership in U.S. Lacrosse. During the registration process you can obtain or renew your child's US Lacrosse membership. Membership must be valid through the duration of the 2024 season

Your U.S.Lacrosse Membership also gives you access to tons of information about the sport on their website and you will receive a monthly copy of Lacrosse Magazine.

2024 Youth USA Lacrosse Mebership Fee is $35.00.  2024 Adult USA Lacrosse Membership Fee is $60.00


K-2nd grade  practices on Wednesdays and have intra-team games on Saturdays. 

Experienced Boy and Girls in 2nd Grade will have the opportunity to play full equipment games versus other clubs.  More information will be available before season starts.

3rd-6th grade  practices 2 days a week with games on Saturdays or Sundays.  Games are in Scarborough or require travel to local/regional towns.  Coaches will set their practice days of the week as soon as possible and notify all parents.

The Boys Middle School teams  (7th - 8th grades)  practice up to 4 days a week, with games Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday.  Games are in Scarborough or require travel to local/regional towns.

The Girls Middle School teams (7th & 8th Grades)   practice up to 1- 2 days a week with games Friday, Saturday and or Sunday.  Games are in Scarborough ir require travel to local/regional towns.


Required Equipment:

For Grades K through 2, you can use your own stick.  SYL has stick whcih can be loaned to the players and must be returned in good shape at the end of the season.  

The use of goalie chest protectors that meet the NOCSAE performance standard, ND200, is now mandatory in the USA Lacrosse boys’ and girls’ youth rules, the NFHS boys’ and girls’ high school rules, and the NCAA men’s and women’s rules. Beginning in 2022, boys’ and men's field players must also wear chest protection that meets the ND200 standard. See USA Lacrosse for details  Equipment | USA Lacrosse

Players grades 3 through 8 must provide their own equipment as follows


* Approved lacrosse helmet
* Official sized lacrosse stick
* Gloves
* Arm pads
* Shoulder pads
* Mouthguard
* Athletic supporter with cup


* Protective eye wear/goggles
* Mouthguard
* Official sized lacrosse stick

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